Blessed F. Uyo

Cybersecurity Researcher / Cloud Security Engineer / DevSecOps Engineer

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About Me

I strongly consider myself a motivated person who is always interested in the latest technology. A goal-oriented IT professional with over 9 years of experience in network administration, cybersecurity, application security, and DevOps. Highly skilled in conducting system and software maintenance, anticipating, identifying, and remediating potential issues with systems and software. Strong knowledge in network monitoring, cloud security, DevSecOps, and the ability to prevent cyber-attacks, especially in business and corporate environments. Experienced in meeting deadlines and working under pressure with a high level of awareness and adaptability.


Nokia Portugal

CyberDefense Center Engineer | Detection Engineering Lead

  • Responsible for planning, designing, and implementing Detection Engineering/Coverage activities for all Strategy and Technology business units at Nokia.
  • Designing and implementing the Detection Engineering program by utilizing Threat Intelligence data, MITRE TTPs, Diamond model, and Cyber Kill Chain to create a model that itemizes and prioritize threat actors against Nokia’s business. Conducting static analysis to identify detection gaps by mapping Threat Intel supplied TTPs and Sentinel/MDE detection rule configured TTPs.
  • Design requirements for automation using AI models and scripting. Automating the curation of TTPs for gap analysis.
  • Planning Dynamic analysis (Red Team) activities using VECTR planner to plan emulated adversary profiles for identified threat actors based on static analysis diffs.
  • Using API calls to export planned adversary profiles from VECTR to MITRE Caldera where the profile is used to create an operation targeted towards testing our actual detection capabilities.
  • Using predictive analysis to determine outcomes of operations and calculating percentage detection based on our detectors, rulesets, and other tools in our security stack.
  • Proposing requirements for fine-tuning detection rules (Sentinel and MDE rules) and creating new rules to detect new threats that evade our detectors.
  • Using threat hunting techniques and procedures to hunt for threat actors via known IOCs on our Data Lakes and on Sentinel logs.
  • Reviewing design and requirements for Cloudflare zero-trust implementation to protect Nokia’s assets based on known threat actors TTPs.
  • Operationalizing detection capability activities by creating a program that is reputable and sustainable for Nokia’s entire business units.

Toptal - Bloomberg Industry Group (INDG)

Cybersecurity/Product Security/Cloud Security Engineer/DevSecOps

  • Lead an investigation on malicious behaviors of a Desktop Client product for Bloomberg Industry Group by conducting a reverse engineering/malware analysis on all .exe and .msi files submitted. Conducted Sandbox detonation to monitor these binaries' behaviors and validate these behaviors against known virus signatures.
  • Lead in-depth developer-focused testing and analysis of Gitguardian pre-receive hook implementation for Bloomberg Industry Group. Recorded and proposed possible outcomes for developers to use as a quick solution after Gitguardian pre-receive hook implementation.
  • Leading an in-depth developer-focused testing and analysis of Sonatype Firewall integration for software components and package management for Bloomberg Industry Group. The results of this testing will be used by internal developers when Sonatype Firewall is implemented.
  • CICD template design and enhancement for all security tools within Bloomberg’s Software Development Environments.
  • Working with different development teams to integrate Gitguardian, Sonatype, and Veracode security templates into their CICD pipeline to ensure their products comply with Bloomberg’s security requirements for applications.
  • Conducted security assessments and testing on 4 open-source software for Bloomberg, using a third-party risk assessment methodology to identify threats in these applications.
  • Evaluated 5 AWS infrastructures with 3000 workloads that use Amazon security suites (CloudWatch, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, Config, IAM, Inspector, Security Hub, and KMS) to orchestrate and automate security validation and compliance.
  • Delivered full security services for DevSecOps pipelines, starting with threat modeling, IDE security automation, static code analysis, security testing (Net application, Python Flask application, and React application), and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
  • Deployed 10 serverless applications in the AWS cloud. Used cloud formation templates CodePipeline to automate the deployment, API Gateway to design APIs that trigger Lambda functions on event triggers, and DynamoDB for states data storage.
  • Utilized Terraform to deploy Wazuh SIEM in an Oracle Cloud Kubernetes cluster with high availability. Integrated OAuth to manage permissions for third-party channels and set up AWS Cognito to manage user authentication for three mobile apps.
  • Built and Deployed FreeSurfer Brain Imaging Software on Oracle cloud environment using a highly available and fault tolerant deployment model. Built Golden images using virtualization and containers.
  • Designed and built an AI/ML security solution by leveraging the open-source security tool called Garak. Developed front-end interfaces and wrappers using Python. Deployed on an AWS dedicated instance for ML with GPU fine-tuning using Mamba-SSN and Convid implementation. Scanned multiple models from Hugging Face and other platforms before granting approval for usage by Dev Teams.

Jumia Group

CyberDefense Specialist | DevSecOps Manager

  • Responsible for security on all Jumia’s AWS accounts (total of 87 production, staging, and test accounts) by designing, applying, and validating the security posture of all assets deploying on all accounts.
  • Recognized potential threats or attempted breaches by closing off the security vulnerabilities on infrastructure and applications (16 Jumia villages) on-prem and in the AWS cloud.
  • Integrated Cloudflare with Wazuh for alerting on threats and threat actors against Jumia’s assets on AWS. [Domains and Subdomains] which prevented 4 major DDoS attacks on Jumia Mall, and other business units.
  • Reviewed design and requirements for Cloudflare Zero-Trust implementation and configured zero-trust for assets and domains with SRE team.
  • Offered security during the creation of software systems, networks, and data centers on AWS, establish a defense against intruders by building, deploying, and managing Wazuh (an open-source SIEM) which was deployed on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) in a high availability and fault tolerant deployment model (1 master and 5 worker nodes).
  • Compared the Kubernetes environment on the AWS cloud to the best security practices and standards and manage the security of the AWS cloud infrastructure for all of Jumia's teams around the world.
  • Utilize ACLs, the Syslog facility, and priority to enable logging of users' authentication, authorization, and command execution on Redis Cluster (PCI/DSS compliance) and established and managed security for Redis ElastiCache in AWS.
  • Identified vulnerable patterns, unsecured features, and malicious actions in all of Jumia’s software using OWASP testing methodology.
  • Monitoring and evaluating Kubernetes environment in AWS cloud against best security practices and standards.
  • Planned and integrated security into all Jumia’s product DevOps pipelines (DevSecOps) by designing and implementing SCA, SAST, IAST, DAST, IaC scans, and Compliance pipelines into Jumia’s Software Development Life Cycle.

CyberPro Tec Lda

IT Operations, Cloud & Cyber Security Consultant

  • Conducting Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and Compliance Audits.
  • Implementing IT Security Framework.
  • Cloud Deployment Migration, and Security Testing for Serverless Architecture in AWS Cloud.
  • Code Review, Static and Dynamic Security Testing.
  • Bug Bounty and Web Application Security Assessment.
  • Threat hunting and Threat analysis.
  • Security Program validation and Security Trainings.
  • Risk Analysis and Incidence Handling.

Glory Assembly

Computer System Maintenance

  • IT Equipment Maintenance (Servers, Hosts, Switches, Routers, Amplifiers, and Mining console).
  • Server Decomissioning Technician.
  • Patch Management and System Update Administrator.


EC Council University

Sept 2019 - Dec 2022

Masters in Cybersecurity (Security Analyst)

University of Port Harcourt

Dec 2008 - Feb 2013

Bachelor of Science in Physics


Professional Certificates

The Learning and Improvement Curve is Always Steep


Bug Bounty Recon-Automation

This project is a Bash script to automate Recon workflow for bug bounty or black-box penetration testing. The Script will perform Nuclei scan, Amass scan, paramspider, and take screenshots of pages.

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Ethical Hacking / Bug Bounty

This is a YouTube project which has recorded videos of hand-on Hacking sessions for Windows AD environment, Linux servers, Privilege Escalation, AWS Cloud resources, TryHackMe CTFs, and CVE Exploits.

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My Website

This project contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files of my website which is hosted on AWS S3 and Route53 .

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Production Ready Wazuh EKS Deployment

This project contain prod-ready deployment for WAZUH SIEM with complete deployments files for Infrastructure (Terraform template), Application (Kubernetes), Integrations (Okta, Cloudflare, CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Jira, Slack, and Opsgenie on-call), and Automated deployment/maintenance scripts.

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